Monday, 10 September 2012

Prank the Garbage Man

Many children throughout the years that you have to continue to draw you near the garbage man is a great mischief. You have to hide inside a trash can on that naughty, and when the garbage truck comes by, you jump out of the truck and the garbage man to scare the living daylights out.

A few tips to ensure that you are here, right here in this prank:

1. This is to ensure the right kind of garbage truck

This may be the most important one! Some garbage trucks can automatically aided by a mechanical arm. You can manually back up the trash in the garbage collection service that tosses it should be. If the skip, things can go wrong!

2. Use an empty trash can

Some people make the mistake of climbing to the top of the trash. How can you not going to hide, and the garbage can create toxic fumes.

3. To set up a camera.

Maximum effect, set up a camera to the trash can. Again and again you can see your naughty. Funny reaction out of you, especially if you have a garbage man, you can register it to YouTube.

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