Friday, 24 August 2012

Garbage Disposal

Remove any hindrance with needle-nose pliers.If can not see anything inside the disposal, insert the wrench into the bottom of the unit, and turn right and left. If the engine spins freely, make sure that the circuit breaker is not tripped by pushing the reset button, usually a small red button on the bottom of the unit or black. If those two things do not work, and your warranty has expired, then it is time to replace it.Now, when everything is switched off, there is a large mounting ring holder above disposal / 3 tabs on the side of the disposal / holder at the bottom, and this ring counter clockwise until the disposal / disposer comes loose in the sink. (Note: This Ring my be quite strong, and you have to tap it with a hammer or install SCREW driver of one of the tabs and the ring counterclockwise).

Be careful, because some of the units are a little hard when you are on your back under the sink. Discard any excess water out of the unit to take with you to the shop to get a new garbage disposal / disposer. Trying to get a similar drain arrangement to make it easier to install later.New garbage disposal / disposer comes with a nipple to connect to your hose from the dishwasher is usually plugged. If you are going to use this to plug deaf to mix with SCREW driver and get it inside the new disposal / disposer. Now lift the new disposal / disposer sink flange until the mounting ring and push and turn clockwise to deal with the installation of low-level (ie, one of the bolts) to become, until it is firm. Tighten the bolts just enough to hold it in place, we can not be at his disposal / disposer DRAIN get some gatherings to line up.

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