Friday, 24 August 2012

How to Change an Old Garbage

Some people have no concern for the environment, they tend to throw garbage everywhere. We see that they are scattered almost everywhere, because, if we are not concerned with the environment in some junks in rivers, lakes and other natural resources. It pollutes the water bodies of all living things. Garbage or waste disposal is a growing economic problem because it negatively, it brings a certain community Junks in many microorganisms, which may be dangerous to human health in this regard, the Government of the waste management programs that will address the problem ;The monitoring process includes identification of opportunities and possible solutions on how to reduce waste processing or local area.

The government continues to regard the various protocols, which can be done in order to minimize waste in their community. Contributes to the collection phase should be collected in time to avoid pests junks to slow down in the garbage. At this stage, we take the point that the individual containers of non-biodegradable garbage - biodegradable materials.

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